Online courses and resources to help your team become fluent in global business

Giving your team the skills they need to thrive in a global business place.

Country-specific expertise to help your organisation build stronger relationships with key international clients.

Available anytime on any device to support the immediate and long-term needs of your employees.


Insightful content that inspires real results

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Engaging and interactive online courses giving your team the essential skills and knowledge they need to work effectively across borders.

Practical in nature, our courses will challenge learners to reflect on their own situations and how they can adapt their approach for better results.

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Specific online courses on the big five, namely China, India, USA, Japan and the UK, to give your team in-depth training on working with clients in these countries.

Learners will gain a wealth of insights and practical advice to help them enhance their core skills and successfully navigate working within these cultures.

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Packed with over 40 detailed country business culture profiles, guidance videos and articles, the Hub is the ideal companion for those looking for insightful and actionable information, whenever they need it.

So, when interacting with any key international contact, your team will be ready and able to build the relationships your organisation needs to succeed.

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After years of working with major international companies, Global Business Culture knows how to work smarter in a global environment.

Global Business Compass combines this expertise with online learning best practice to form a rich and engaging resource that helps you work effectively across borders.

Designed with your business in mind

  • Global Business Compass is flexible and can be adapted to your needs. We can add your logo and brand colours throughout to make the platform feel familiar for your employees. We can even add content specifically your team – just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Once we’ve set you up with an account, simply provide your team with the registration link. They can then sign themselves up and get started!

    Global Business Compass is accessible on any device, wherever there’s an internet connection. So, whether your team want to access information on the move, in the office or at home, they can.

  • As a corporate client of Global Business Compass, you’ll have access to a detailed report highlighting how your team have been using the courses and resources.

    You’ll be able to see which information is the most popular and how your team are getting on with developing their cultural awareness and skills.


Find out how Global Business Compass can help your business flourish internationally.

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