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Get access to all 40+ country guides and 40+ country fact files. Also includes Essentials of Business Culture online courses, Working in and Leading Virtual Teams courses, video masterclasses, 8 micro-courses on key business destinations, personal learning journeys and much more for just $30.00.

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Inside the Doing Business with the Netherlands bundle

The ‘Doing Business with the Netherlands’ PDF provides an essential overview of some of the key aspects of business culture in a concise, easy to follow format. You’ll learn why business operates in the way it does, how to navigate key meetings and build strong working relationships that will help your business flourish.

The ‘Country Facts’ PDF combines key demographic, economic and trade statistics from reputable sources to help you make informed, strategic decisions.

  • Understand the complex background, business structures and management styles that influence the way business works.
  • Learn how to navigate the tricky topics of meetings, teamwork and communication with your partners.
  • Download and use each PDF immediately, whether it’s on the plane or as an essential refresher before an important meeting.

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Working in and Leading Virtual Teams online courses

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