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The key to international business success is knowledge. To work effectively across different cultures and countries you need to have the skills and information to navigate complex modern commercial environments.

Global Business Compass is packed with essential global culture-specific training, video masterclasses and resources to get you quickly up to speed so you can take your international relationships, career and business results to the next level.

Gain the skills and knowledge to work effectively across borders

Trusted by leading organisations around the world, Global Business Compass is the go-to online toolkit for international business culture knowledge. Activate your 12-month subscription today to make an immediate difference to your global success.

Essentials of Business Culture online courses

Country fact files for 40+ destinations

Comprehensive guides on doing business in 40+ countries

Video masterclasses

Tailored development pathway with a personalised learning journey

In-depth courses on key international destinations

Working in and Leading Virtual Teams online courses

Expert blogs and articles

<p>Gain the skills you need to thrive in a global business place.</p>

Gain the skills you need to thrive in a global business place.

<p>Country-specific expertise to help you build stronger relationships with key international clients.</p>

Country-specific expertise to help you build stronger relationships with key international clients.

<p>Available anytime on any device – perfect for learning at your desk or on your way to your next destination.</p>

Available anytime on any device – perfect for learning at your desk or on your way to your next destination.

Insightful content that inspires real results

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    Engaging and interactive online courses giving you the essential skills and knowledge you need to work effectively across borders.

    Practical in nature, our courses will challenge you to reflect on your own situations and help you adapt your approach for better results.

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    Focused micro-courses on key international destinations, namely China, India, USA, Japan, France, Germany, Brazil and the UK.

    You will gain a wealth of insights and practical advice to help you enhance your core skills and successfully navigate working within these cultures.

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    Packed with over 100 detailed country profiles, fact files, video masterclasses and in-depth articles, Global Business Compass is the ideal companion for insightful and actionable information, whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

    So, when interacting with any key international contact, you will be ready and able to build the relationships you and your organisation needs to succeed.

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    Simply answer a few short questions and we’ll create a tailored pathway that takes into your account your experience, confidence, interests and situation.

    With our unique personal learning journey, you will be able to focus your development in a structured and relevant way.

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    As the modern workplace continues to evolve, virtual, remote and hybrid teams are becoming increasingly commonplace.

    Our collection of short courses will help you develop the skills and knowledge to contribute to, or lead, an effective virtual team.

Who is Global Business Compass for?

Modern business professionals work across the barriers of culture, language and geography like never before. As markets continue to globalise and technology opens up, it’s essential to be prepared for new international collaboration opportunities.

If you want to develop the global knowledge and skills that will have an immediate, practical impact on your business performance or help you build an international career, then Global Business Compass is for you.

Created by world-class experts

Keith Warbuton

After years of working with major international companies, we know how to work smarter in a global environment. Global Business Compass combines this expertise with innovative online learning to form a rich and engaging resource that helps you work effectively across borders.

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